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How to create a better sleep routine 

Do you find yourself getting into bed each night counting sheep, 1, 2… 101 and suddenly it’s 1am and you're still wide awake. Thinking about the next day's to-do list and how you're going to be too tired to get through it. Sleep is key to good health and lack of it can affect your mental and physical health, developing a sleeping routine will allow you to kick start your day the right way. Follow the below steps to a healthier, happier and less tired you. 

Down time

Set yourself a bed time and allow yourself an hour before of down time, no working, social media or cleaning is permitted at this time. Instead, find something that helps you relax, having a bath, doing a face mask, reading a book, listening to podcasts are some of our favourites and once you have finished your hour head straight to bed.  

Ditch your tech

Put your phone, laptop and tablet down. As tempting as it is to scroll for hours on social media you need to give your eyes and brain a break before you go to sleep. Set yourself a time to stop and pop it on ‘do not disturb.’ We find that closing all tech from 9pm works well for us. Why not switch the tech for a book and let your mind wander into a gripping novel? 

Go to bed an hour earlier 

Getting into bed an hour earlier than usual will help prepare you for sleep, you don’t need to drift off instantly but reading in bed will help your mind relax and allow you to slowly fall asleep at a reasonable hour. 

Eat earlier

Cook dinner slightly earlier than usual and give your body enough time to digest that much needed grub before you go to bed. Avoid high sugar foods and drinks before bed, why not try a nice chamomile tea during your down time? 

These methods help us at Prescrib’d to switch off and get a good night sleep, ready for busy days of creating new bath bombs for all of you. 

Let us know how you get on in the comments and share your stories on our instagram. 

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